Healthy Dad Convos

Chats about being the healthiest, best dads we can for our kids. I see dads in my consult room every day. One of the most common reason they come to see me is so they can be healthy for their new kid. So how do we get there? Lets have some healthy dad convos. Talking to health professional, community leaders and regular dads.

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Friday Apr 12, 2024

In this invigorating episode, we delve deep into the insights on parenthood from esteemed medical professional, Dr. Terry Lim. Resoundingly advocating for the necessity of physical and emotional presence in child-rearing, Dr. Lim brings forth an intriguing viewpoint on the primal needs of the human brain. In this context, he emphasizes on the significance of the natural environment, healthy nutrition, adequate rest, and most importantly, genuine social interaction, irrespective of technological advancements.
Owner and leading operator of the Mindsight Clinic, Dr. Lim shares his delightful journey as a father to three girls, their unique growth journeys, his challenges, and the joy he derives from seeing their distinct personalities blossom. His parenting philosophy rings clear in two words – Be Present. He emphasizes the importance of being available, attentive, and engrossed in the moment, as a strategy for successful parenting.
Tackling the pressing concern of screen addiction among children, Dr. Lim shares his thoughts.
This episode delivers invaluable guidance for parents grappling with the distractions of present times. It encourages embracing the challenges, forming substantial bonds with children, and fostering their growth. Dr. Lim elaborates on the importance of a growth mindset, mindful parenting, and self-awareness. Throughout the episode, he underscores the significance of human psychology, trauma, and healthy growth aspects generally sidelined in psychiatry training.
Concluding the talk with a light-hearted dad joke, Dr. Lim's motivating philosophy that age is not an obstacle in the path of learning, growth, and change, reaffirms that parenting, although often difficult, is an immensely rewarding journey.

Friday Mar 29, 2024

Join us in a refreshing and engaging chat with the head owner of Day One Caringbah, Matt, as we dive into the world of fatherhood and fit family living. With baby number three having arrived just two weeks ago, Matt offers an authentic and relatable perspective, especially to new parents who strive to maintain a balanced routine amidst their chaotic lifestyle. He draws upon his own experience to suggest effective ways of incorporating exercise and wellness into everyday routines.
As a newfound father himself, Matt acknowledges that it’s not always feasible to follow the same workout schedules as before. Thus, he emphasizes the importance of creating a flexible routine with open lines of communication and realistic expectations. Conversing about the struggle to make time for oneself post-parenthood, he provides practical tips, including how to avoid the common back injury caused by lifting newly grown babies, and shares beneficial home workouts for those who can't make it to the gym.
Switching to a lighter conversation, Matt shares his favorite (and spontaneous) dad jokes, tweaks the term ‘dad-vice’ to share profound life advice for new fathers, and discusses the joys and challenges of fatherhood. Cementing the importance of mental wellness, he discusses the connection between movement and mood, thereby positioning exercise as a cornerstone of treatment for depression.
As the conversation shifts to the gym and its services, listeners find out about the unique offerings at Day One Caring Bar including Mums and Bubs Classes and Sports Remedial Massage. Committed to making fitness affordable and accessible for all parents and their children, the gym boasts a nurturing family environment like no other. Finally, Matt shares the easiest way to connect with and find out more about the gym, before inviting listeners to share their best dad-healthy tips.
This stimulating discussion is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration as a new parent, especially fathers looking to keep up with their health while juggling the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

In this engaging episode, we take you inside the Wooloware Family Medical Practice Launch. Having an in-depth roundtable discussion with distinguished health professionals, we delve not only into their specific fields but wild trivia questions!
Get to know Mel Mapleson, a General Practitioner at Kirrawee Family Medical Practice, Jason Horton, Physio and exercise physiologist at Flow Physio Co., and Ganesh Balendra, an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee surgeries. We go beyond the surface, exploring these professionals' daily routines and their thought-provoking insights on engaging men to actively participate in their health matters.
Jason Horton shares valuable advice on managing stress, relations with family, and maintaining a healthy exercise habit. Ganesh Balendra underscores the importance of regular doctor visits, especially for men who have a higher risk of diseases like heart disease and cancer. The episode also raises the significance of mental health awareness and the need to be receptive to signs of worsening conditions.
Apart from the informative discussions and expert advice, you'll also enjoy a little fun trivia game during the icebreaker session. An excellent blend of light-hearted moments and serious discussions, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in healthcare and wellness.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

In this bite sized episode, we sit down with Harry Dale from PhysioFocus to discuss the unique challenges of maintaining personal health and fitness as a new dad. Harry shares his personal journey of adjusting to life as a new parent and stresses the critical importance of self-care, even amidst the extra responsibilities of parenthood.
We delve into the topics of exercise after fatherhood and how to navigate the guilt of taking time for self-care while still giving your utmost to your family. Harry draws an interesting, albeit unexpected, connection between deconditioning and long-term back injuries common among fathers as they neglect their physical health in the rush of parenting responsibilities.
The conversation moves into how being a dad himself has improved Harry’s understanding and empathy for the dads he treats in his clinic. He shares his day-to-day operations at PhysioFocus, a general physiotherapy clinic spread out across three locations, dealing with everything from back pain and neck pain to sports injuries.
The episode ends on a positive note, reminding dads that every small step towards fitness is a win and that it’s okay if their workout routines don’t look the same as they did pre-parenthood. Harry affirms his readiness to assist any dads looking for help with their healthcare and fitness needs.

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

In this special episode of our podcast, we were delighted to welcome Luke Ireland, a psychologist and local dad, to have some healthy dad conversations during the Wooloware Family Medical Practice Launch. Luke shared some honest and inspiring insights about the pressures of fatherhood, his love for surfing, and how he balances mental and physical health.
Our discussion began with a laid-back conversation about brand loyalty, in this case, to a particular brand of surfing wax. This naturally led us into a broader discussion on surfing as both a physical activity and a practice in mindfulness. Luke's love for surfing goes beyond being a hobby and is incorporated into his approaches to maintain physical and mental fitness.
As a father of four boys, Luke shared the joys and challenges that come with being a dad. From the emotional highs and lows to the unending learning curve that comes with each new age and stage of his kids, Luke bares it all. His openness provided a great insight into the reality of parenting – an activity that is often emotionally draining yet undeniably rewarding.
This episode also delved into the topic of dad health. Physical fitness is one of Luke's major priorities, and he keeps active through surfing and playing golf. Keeping fit not only gives him the stamina to keep up with his energetic kids but also prepares him for adventurous outings like his upcoming 12-day surf trip with friends.
If you're keen to learn more about Luke's work or book an appointment with his practice, 'About Time Psychology,' you can find them on Instagram, Facebook, or call on 9526 3303.
We hope you take away some invaluable insights from this discussion and look forward to bringing more enlightening conversations your way. Stay tuned!

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Listen in to an insightful chat at the Wooloware Family Medical Practice launch about a rarely addressed but crucial aspect of medicine: Dad Health. The discussion features Brent Collier, a local father and experienced exercise physiologist who shares his insights into common fatherhood-associated injuries and preventative measures.
During the talk, Collier recommends that first-time fathers think ahead and prepare themselves physically for the challenges of parenthood. The conversation covers the sudden lifestyle changes that including sleep deprivation and the dual responsibilities of home and work that can affect a father's physical condition.
Underlining the importance of community involvement and staying active, Collier shares his mantra: find your tribe, move, and stay connected, which he notes helps in maintaining good health. He also shares his personal experiences involving his children, who participate in the local surf club. This, he says, allows for plenty of beach time and interacting with other parents, which can indirectly help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
He sees the rapidly growing interest in mountain biking in his area as another excellent opportunity for new dads. While he has mixed feelings about the recent trend of e-bikes, he believes that if they encourage more dads to get moving, then they're useful tools.
Speaking from his experience as an exercise physiologist, Collier dismisses the myth that workouts have to be long and strenuous. Encouraging expectant and new fathers to start with small, manageable changes, he suggests functional exercises that can fit into a busy routine like squatting while changing a baby's diaper.
To learn more about Brent's expertise and community work, visit Peak Health at Gymea.


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